Monday, August 31, 2009

Script: SugarCRM Click-Thru Target to Lead in Email Campaign

A quick post here about a little script I wrote for SugarCRM.

Update: I forgot to mention that I am working with SugarCRM version 5.2.0i here. Results may vary (read "not work") with other versions.

We were having trouble with the workflow process of running an Email Campaign in SugarCRM. Namely, we had like 100 some clickthru's in an email campaign, and I really wanted to just click a button to make all of those clickthru targets become leads. I would have even settled for the click-thru list being clickable links and doing it one-by-one (well, i would have had the marketing guys do that), but even that is not possible. They are not clickable links that redirect you to the target details view - instead, they are just a static list with only the related hyperlink being clickable.

Details of the problem here:

So, I wrote a php script to solve our dilemma:

Be sure to change the Database user/password/name to match your configuration, and to change the
$campaign_id and $user_id
variables at the top of the file.

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