Friday, March 02, 2007

XP Embedded Tricks

I recently posted on the microsoft.public.windowsxp.embedded newsgroup a couple of questions I had about XP Embedded related to work. The short version of the questions:

1. Is there a way to determine which service inside a svchost.exe process is causing the problem when presented with a "svchost.exe - Applicaton Error" ?

2. Is there a way in XPe to suppress displaying error messages?

The short answers (thanks to KM in the same newsgroup!):

1. Sysinternals (now Wininternals) Process Explorer can give you just such info. It's like Task Manager on steroids! (I had used it before, but didn't put two and two together :-)

2. Yes! A simple registry change can suppress many error from being presented to the user on XP embedded.

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JamesIDoo said...

I love ProcExp! It is the only thing that keeps me from going rare earth magnet on my Vista's harddrive.

Seriously, I should start a AllYourVistaAreBelongToUs or SomeoneSetUsUpTheVista blog with a screen shot of something new and stupid Vista did every day. Have you ever installed {BDBB57FF2-79B9-4205-9447-F5FE85F37312} on Vista? Then you know what I mean.

I also love accesschk. But now I'm going way off topic and made baby Jonah cry.

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