Thursday, September 27, 2007

Personal Blog started

None of my immediate family have ever read this blog - not that a whole lot of other people do -  which is fine since this blog is mostly for me.  For instance, seems every time I need to do something at work with Linux and drive imaging I can't remember the EXACT syntax, and it's a somewhat risky operation, so I come here and click the "image" tag to find the post where I wrote that down.

So, I thought it might be cool to start a blog that maybe my mom or my brother would be able to read, and maybe my other readers (Jonah ;-) could actually enjoy.

I started it on, just so I could see what that software is like compared to Bloggers.  So far, I like most everything just a little better, except the custom CSS -- on wordpress they charge you $15/year to have custom CSS!  Seems to me that most people who would even consider editing their stylesheet probably are hosting their own wordpress blog on their own server anyhow, so not sure they'll get a lot of people with that (says me - who wants to muddle with the CSS and not host offsite).  Well, at least they didn't charge me to make the cool custom header.

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