Friday, December 04, 2009

My Issues w/ LastPass

I tried LastPass as a password management solution and I have a few issues:

  • LastPass is very browser-centric or website-oriented. I do a lot of IT stuff being a Software Developer, and I need passwords for databases, workstations, program keys, etc. With LastPass, it is a bit clunky to open up your vault, try to find the right entry (see my next gripe) and then copy the information out and paste into the program.
  • LastPass has a "group" (folder) for each entry, but just one group/folder. I prefer Passpack's ability to tag every entry with multiple tags, or KeePass' ability to have a nested hierarchy of folders/groups. I might especially dislike LastPass' implementation of this because I tried importing 60 some passwords from KeePass into LastPass, and it was a mess to try to sort out the password for my two jobs and home.
  • As far as I can tell, LastPass does not very elegantly handle the fact that I do a lot of development and "intranet" site use. So, I will have a buttload of different passwords for the domain "localhost" and for the domain "" (which LastPass handles as, etc.
  • The "Identity" thing doesn't work how you'd expect. I wanted it to partition out all my passwords into separate accounts, in essence: "Personal" "Job1" "Job2", etc. Instead, it just only exposes passwords you select from the primary account to these sub-identities. If you delete the password for a site in one identity, it will be gone in the primary identity and others that have a view of it, or so it seems.
If I could somehow combine the way that KeePass works and LastPass, I'd have my perfect tool. Or maybe if PassPack dropped the 100 password limit, and had a decent Firefox plug-in or desktop widget.


ipad case said...

i couldnt agree more , i personally just uses last pass. will try out keepass and see

Thesslstore said...

The same was an issue with me but i now just use Firefox plug-in.Though i am sure that if it will be enough for me as per my use but till now i don't have any other issue or work where i need any other things than this.

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